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Annual Appeal

Key information:

ADRA-UK has an exemption order for house-to-house collections in England and Wales from the Home Office;

ADRA-UK notifies all councils of the collection dates well in advance;

All funds are collected by volunteers;

Only door-to-door collections are permitted;

All collectors are provided with a personalised and numbered collection badge;

Please do call us on 01923-681723 if you have any questions or observations! 


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In the period between the 29th of March and the 13th of April (20th of April in London), many thousands of volunteers have been collecting from door-to-door for the work of ADRA-UK. This was the 101th year that volunteers have been door-knocking to help people in need.

During the ADRA Appeal period many other fundraising activities have taken place, from sponsored walks to benefit concerts to car washes. 

Last year was the centenary of ADRA and our volunteers collected over £500,000! This year with such a wonderful achievement behind us we hope to increase that amount so that we can continue to help saving lives and empowering communities.

Without these activities and the hard work of our volunteers, ADRA-UK would not be in a position to address the humanitarian issues of the world.

Providing livelihoods in Myanmar

Developing livelihoods in the Dry zone, Myanmar,

Myanmar has several communities who are struggling to survive, due to the extreme drought conditions that they live in.

With your help ADRA will help over 15 villages with little to no farming and no work, to set up food processing industries and train people in small-scale business skills.

These skills will help people to form co-operatives and trade with markets in other larger towns. 

ADRA will also raise awareness of HIV amongst the community as well as training on practices to reduce their vulnerability to natural disasters.

To do this we need your help

It is with your generous support and sacrifice by door to door collecting this year, that you are continuing to 'Help us to help'

help us to help

Funds raised in 2014 will support development projects in Africa, Asia and the UK. ADRA-UK also responds to international disasters.

Women’s health project in Gokwe North, Zimbabwe 

Zimbabwe has seen a sharp decrease in its health service, affecting maternal and child mortality in the last 10 years

With your help ADRA will provide 4 women’s maternal health shelters in existing hospitals in Zimbabwe

These shelters will accommodate over 5,000 expectant women for the next 3 years.

ADRA will also update the basic amenities (solar water pumps and boreholes) in the clinic, benefitting over 40,000 patients!

To do this we need your help


Our UK Projects 

In the UK ADRA-UK provides grants to two organisations that work with people with special needs and their carers. 

The Special Needs camp provides a safe, caring, fun-loving holiday in a Christian environment for people with special needs, while giving respite to their carers.

Special Needs Camp

ASNA supports people living with special needs and disabilities, offering training, respite weekends and organise events.





All the 2014 video programmes are available on our dedicated 'help us to help' website. All video clips can be downloaded here. You can also download an ISO to burn a DVD. Click the image below to get access to this.


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Appeal dates for 2015:

28th of March - 12th of April (extends to the 13th of April in London).