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The ADRA Annual Appeal is a two-three week fundraising period for the work of ADRA-UK. 

The 2018 Annual Appeal will run from the 31st of March to the 15th April 2018  (or until 22nd April in London). As you know this will be a short period of emphasis for the churches in the UK to focus on supporting the work that ADRA does to help people in need overseas and here in the UK. The funds collected from the appeal and donated to ADRA has a major impact in the lives of hundreds-of-thousands of people every year. Every £1 donated to ADRA can be worth up to £9 in matching funds.  

While we encourage our members to support ADRA every day, the Annual Appeal is a special time for all of us to work together in the British Union to make a real difference in the lives of the impoverished and afflicted.

Without the Annual Appeal, ADRA cannot exist – we can’t do our work alone, it is only through the support of the churches and its members. So please, plan to help ADRA again in 2018 at the time of the Annual Appeal. 

Start your planning today! Place your order for materials such as leaflets, donation envelopes etc. using our online order form by the 13th of November 2017. Orders can be placed here:  https://is.gd/2oglAT.

Please note we will only accept online orders. If you have any issues with ordering then please ring the office where we will assist you.

We also ask that you carefully consider the amount of materials you may need to reduce waste as much as possible as every year boxes of unused materials are returned to us.

Start coming up with fundraising ideas: door to door, sponsored walks/runs, charity meal, auction, car wash. There are many ideas! If you’re stuck drop us an email: info@adra.org.uk

So get started: Talk with your Pastor, elders, team and church board to decide what you will order for 2018.

If we do not achive that first  £1 we cannot raise the other £9! So please, help us to help!

Key information:

ADRA-UK has an exemption order for house-to-house collections in England and Wales from the Home Office;

ADRA-UK notifies all councils of the collection dates well in advance;

All funds are collected by volunteers;

Only door-to-door collections are permitted;

All collectors are provided with a personalised and numbered collection badge;

Please do call us on 030 30 40 10 17 if you have any questions or observations! 

Annual Appeal dates:

2018: 31 March - 15 April (22 April in London)

2019: 30 March - 14 April (21 April in London)

2020: 28 March - 12 April (19 April in London)