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Gift Box Project 2013

Children Helping Children

We at ADRA-UK feel that it is important to educate our children about the difficulties other children like them face in countries overseas. That’s why we are encouraging churches and families to use the 2013 Gift Box project to involve children. ADRA-UK will provide appropriate educational materials for the children to understand what the challenges are for children living in a poor area of Sierra Leone. 

This information will help the child and its parents to decide what to buy for a child in Sierra Leone. Letting the children choose gifts to put in the gift box is a fun and educational part of getting involved.

In previous years ADRA-UK collected shoeboxes filled with gifts for impoverished children and orphans. This year ADRA-UK has prepared a standardised gift box printed with the logo and information ready to be packed. This will help pack the container as best as possible. Gift boxes will be sold for £2 to help with shipping cost. 

This is a project of ADRA-UK that aims to bring a sparkle of joy to children living in poverty. Each gift box will be given to either an orphan or a child from an impoverished family in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

For children there is something rewarding about giving to another child they will probably never meet in this world – especially when they know that their simple act of kindness will be felt and appreciated in more ways than they can imagine.

Last update: All boxes have now been allocated and we have none left. Thanks for your help! Final day for delivering the gift boxes to Watford is Sunday the 17th of November at 17:00. 

This is a picture of the seal and the donation envelope to be used with the new gift boxes. Please note we operate this on an 'honesty' base and will not actively chase payments for the gift boxes.

Collection points:

Manchester (Last day to deliver gift boxes Tuesday 12 November)

Birmingham (Last day to deliver gift boxes Tuesday 12 November)

Middlesborough (Last day to deliver gift boxes Sabbath 9 November)

Nottingham (Last day to deliver gift boxes Wednesday 13 November)

Portsmouth (Last day to deliver gift boxes Monday 11 November)

Bristol (Last day to deliver gift boxes Sunday 10 November)

Croydon (Last day to deliver gift boxes Monday 11 November)

Balham (Last day to deliver gift boxes Monday 11 November)

Chiswick (Last day to deliver gift boxes Monday 11 November) 

Hampstead (Last day to deliver gift boxes Monday 11 November) 

Stoke Newington (Last day to deliver gift boxes Monday 11 November)

Get the detailed list here!

Files to download


Volunteering opportunities

(A) We are in need of volunteers to help with the collection of gift boxes in the UK and the packing of the container in Watford. Can you drive a truck? Are you willing to help load a container? Do you have time available to help? Please get in touch soon! Call Cherelle at 01923-681723.

(B) Last year three volunteers from the UK travelled to oversee a portion of the distribution of gift boxes in Burkina Faso. This is what we are planning for this year:

  1. We may invite 3-4 selected volunteers to assist in Sierra Leone with a part of the distribution probably in February 2014 (to be confirmed);
  2. Volunteers will have to pay their own visas, inoculations and flights and will have to pass a selection process;
  3. One condition upon accepting to be a volunteer is to attend a “Awareness Workshop” in Watford prior to departure; 
  4. Your application needs to be in by the 28th of November to be considered;
Sierra Leone volunteering application form